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All Delighted People
by Sufjan Stevens
Release - August 20, 2010 Length - 59:15 Aka - n/a
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The Age of Adz


[edit] Background

All Delighted People was released on August 20, 2010 without any previous announcement by Sufjan or Asthmatic Kitty, which was quite surprising, considering that it was his first official release of new songs in nearly four years. Two months prior to the release, Bryce Dessner of The National revealed that they were working with Sufjan on new material [1]. As the 2010 Tour was announced only days after the release, many assumed that Sufjan was going to tour in support of this album, but the announcement of "The Age of Adz" only a short bit later straightened out expectations. It was later revealed that the songs on "All Delighted People" were recorded during the same period as "The Age of Adz", but were not included on the album due to their acoustic nature.

Although initially only released as a digital download, several months later, the album was released on CD and Vinyl as well (see below).

[edit] Track Listing

"All Delighted People" Tracks
Track Title Length
1 All Delighted People (Original Version) 11:38
2 Enchanting Ghost 3:39
3 Heirloom 2:55
4 From the Mouth of Gabriel 4:03
5 The Owl and the Tanager 6:38
6 All Delighted People (Classic Rock Version) 8:07
7 Arnika 5:13
8 Djohariah 17:02

"All Delighted People Vinyl Side D" Tracks
Track Title Length
9 Untitled 18:43

[edit] Cover Art

Back cover of the "ADP" Vinyl, featuring additional pictures.

[edit] Front

The cover art features cut-out photographs of various faces:

  • Sufjan appears:
    • Above the "V" in "Sufjan Stevens"
    • Between the 'D' and 'P' in the "Delighted People" album title.
  • In the center of the album is an inflatable Santa doll like the ones thrown into audiences during Sufjan's 2006 Tour.
  • Above the "All" in the album title appears to be Daniel Smith.
  • Under the 'S' in "Sufjan" appears to be a photo of Leonardo DiCaprio.

[edit] Back

  • Sufjan additionally appears:
    • About halfway along the bottom edge
    • About a third of the way down the right edge
  • Marzuki Stevens appears holding a baby at the bottom edge.
  • A cutout drawing of Superman is seen, possibly in reference to legal issues with the use of Superman on the cover of Illinois

[edit] Vinyl Release

Although initial only available as an mp3 download, several months after its release, physical copies of the album became available. The back of the packaging contained a photo montage similar to the cover, as well as the tracklist, and a thank you to Paul Simon for the use of his lyrics in the "All Delighted People" tracks. On the vinyl release, the hour-long album would have been difficult to fit on only 2 sides of a standard record, and so was released as a double-album. However, the music only filled three of the four sides of the records. As a result, the music from the regular album is listed under sides A, B, and C of the record. Side D is not listed, but contains a series of eleven untitled instrumental piano pieces.

[edit] References

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