Ding! Dong!: Songs for Christmas, Vol. III

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Ding! Dong!: Songs for Christmas, Vol. III
by Sufjan Stevens
Release - Unofficial: December 2003; Official: Songs for Christmas (box set), 2006 Length - 22:49 Aka - Songs for Christmas - Vol. III
Previous release :
Hark!: Songs for Christmas, Vol. II
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Following release :
Joy: Songs for Christmas - Vol. IV

[edit] Track Listing

"Songs For Christmas - Vol. III" Tracks
Track Title Length
1 O Come, O Come Emmanuel 1:04
2 Come On! Let's Boogey To The Elf Dance! 3:50
3 We Three Kings 2:59
4 O Holy Night 4:04
5 That Was The Worst Christmas Ever! 3:18
6 Ding! Dong! 0:56
7 All The King's Horns 2:59
8 The Friendly Beasts 3:42
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