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Sufjan performing in 2006

Sufjan Stevens (pronounced SOOF-yahn) is an American singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer, writer, filmmaker, and crochet enthusiast. As a musician, his works range from indie-folk to experimental electronica to orchestral suites, and are often conceptual in nature. He is perhaps best known for his 2005 album Illinois, part of his since abandoned Fifty States Project, and its single "Chicago", which hit #1 on the Billboard Heatseakers chart. Aside from his music career, he is also involved in non-musical projects.

[edit] Biography

[edit] Childhood

Sufjan Stevens was born on July 1, 1975 in Detroit, Michigan. His parents both belonged to the religious sect Subud [1]. He attended the Detroit Waldorf School [2], where he learned to play his first instrument, the recorder (he also later picked up the oboe)[3]. When he was nine, his parents divorced, and he moved with his father and stepmother to Petosky, Michigan[3]. At some point, he was given the option by his parents to change his name, but he declined [4]. Sufjan also claims that he did not learn how to read until he was in third grade [2]

Sufjan playing guitar onstage, 2005

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